Our last day in Sofia and indeed of our holiday so it seemed only appropriate to take it easy and relax. We had intended to visit a couple of museums but luck seemed to be against us in that respect. After a lazy start to the day we set off in search of the science and technology museum, a reasonable stroll in the bright but chilly morning. For once our navigation was flawless and I shamelessly comment that I was map reading this time(!?). Our timing wasn't quite so good, we got as far as the front ticket office who couldn't manage much English but assured us that the museum was closed. Disappointed we walked back into the center of town and just managed to catch the changing of the guard at the presidents palace. This seemed like an almost comical routine when by 5 men partially frog march out to replace the two guards at the front and two inside before the relieved guards frog marched back to a side door. From here we crossed the road to the ominously shut door of the museum of archaeology - sadly shut on Mondays. On the up side the weather was nice so we took a stroll around the centre and picked up some items for lunch. On the way back to the apartment we stopped at a pottery shop to buy some souvenirs for home and after some half-hearted haggling and a pop to a cash machine walked away with some highly breakable items to try and fit into our luggage for the flight home. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the flat and I decline to comment on my luck with cards during the holiday but suffice to say it didn't get any better here. In the evening we got as dressed up as our limited wardrobe would allow and headed to relatively posh restaurant off the high street. This was down an alley and all we saw were empty tables in the courtyard with no sign of being open. Given our luck it did cross our minds that perhaps it was just shut on Mondays as well but after a bit of a hunt we found a door which led downstairs. The Lonely Planet described the restaurant as good but let down by its service and for once I agreed entirely but Eleanor's duck and my salmon were absolutely lovely. The wine menu was a series of verbal choices and when we were initially just offered a choice of red or white I thought it might not be as posh a place as it looked, but having chosen white we were at least given a few more choices of which only one was from Bulgaria so was the obvious winner. After some desserts which included a cocktail we headed home with the holiday done. All that remained was to grab a flight the following day and find out just how much faster air travel is compared to the train!