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Shimla to Leh

The Himalaya's proved great biking territory when we treked across Tibet and certainly worth a second trip. This time we were on the Indian side of the border doing the classic trip from Shimla to Leh. The last day of work before the holiday and there was a noticeable lack of radio chatter - perhaps our best prepared trip ever? Time will tell. We met up at the airport coming from a variety of directions but as ever the Wyatt van made an appearance loaded with kit. With our calorie starved previous trips in mind I turned up with several boxes of power bars to hand out. At this point they were free which prompted some debate on how the market price of a power bar might rise as the trip, and hardships, progressed. Even Steve 'not a care in the world' Wyatt seemed to have learnt from his experiences and popped an extra one in his bag 'just in case'. After all the trips we have done it was familiar sensation wheeling straining trolleys into the departure lounge checking out each other's packing strategies - making sure bikes get to the other end of a long haul flight in a fit state to ride requires some careful choices.

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South America

South America always looked like an inviting place to go, if only it were a bit closer. Double checking the flight times showed that this slim hope was dashed. So we have waited a long time to have a sensible chunk of time off to make the journey worth it. In the end it was quick an epic trip with so many highlights it is hard to put my finger on the best bits. Writing this up took a short and snappy year but hopefully it's worth it - enjoy.