Our merry band split in the morning, with Sarah and Eleanor taking the waters while the rest of us walked to Margaret island. Our stroll turned out to be longer than we perhaps had anticiapated but we still had energy for some frisby action when we arrived. The island itself was a little disappointing, being basically a large patch of grass so after frisby we wondered over to the baths to meet up with the others who seemed to have enjoyed the waters. After popping into a church in a cave (unremarkable except that it was in a cave) we hunted out some lunch and ended up in the cafe attached to a very posh hotel (itself attached to the baths) which served a very tempting selection of cakes to keep us on our feet after all our walking.

On the way home we had just enough time to pop into a large indoor market to experience first hand the cruelty to fish displayed by the fish mongers. There seemed to be a lack of enthusiasm from the market stalls who weren't particually pro-active about selling their wares so this turned out to be a relaxinf stroll round, rather than a fight through the hustle and bustle which was more expected. Back at the hotel we picked up our bags and walking into the center, having decided to take the cheap option back to the airport.

Back in the metro station I spent sometime trying to buy 8 transfer tickets, failing miserably while a large impatient queue started to form behind me. Eventually, after some pointing and plane impressions we had the tickets and headed out. The journey home ran like clockwork, so all credit to Malev airways, and soon it was al over. Until next time I'm sure.