Arriving in Vienna we were very sleepy but did managed to bag train 24 into the centre close to our hotel. We wanted to leave our bags at the hotel but were told that in an hour or so we could check in early which was a big bonus (Thanks Radisson Blu :-) ). We walked around and found a good breakfast for only 6 euros which beat the hotel option of 23 euros by miles (No thanks Radisson Blu!) and back at the hotel, after a bit of a wait, we got our room over five hours early and wasted no time catching up with some sleep.

With hunger waking us up for lunch we got up and ventured out the hotel to be surprised by sunshine and warmth. A little over two years ago we had come to Vienna and I had proposed to Eleanor by the Mozart statue in the park behind the national museum. This stop was the designated romantic part of the holiday so we wondered over to the park to remember the happy event. This time rather than being in the middle of winter, night and freezing cold it was hot, bright and lots of people were relaxing on the grass so we joined them for a while. I'm pleased to report that the statue is just as it was and we had a bit of fun recalling my nerves, Eleanor's surprise and the length of time it took her to say anything after being asked to marry me.

Having been to Vienna before we didn't feel compelled to delve into the many museums again but happily wondered around what has to be one of the architecturally impressive city centers the world has seen. We rounded this off, after another afternoon nap, with a trip to see a string quartet playing in Mozart's music rooms - actually the same location we had been to on 'that night' a couple of years ago.  The performance was very good and the musicians treated us to two encores to rapturous applause.