With much of Plovdiv's sights covered by our miles put in yesterday we felt a more relaxing agenda was deserved for today. To make sure it wasn't too relaxing I proposed that we walked up to the top of the hill overlooking the city with the soldiers statue which we had climbed yesterday to grab some photos with the sunshine shining. Under this flimsy pretence we walked up the by now familiar winding steps to the top and then put our feet up on a bench reading books - a holiday at last!

Eventually our stomachs reminded us that we hadn't put any food in the bag and so we retreated back towards the center to find somewhere suitable for lunch. Continuing in the relaxing and taking it easy vein we followed food with several rounds of cards having found a nice restaurant with a sunny area out the wind. Feeling like we should at least add one new tourist sight to our list we walked back through the old cobbles streets to a house museum containing tools and traditional dress through the ages. This initially showed farming implements which looked like they had come from medieval times but had no date on them so it was hard to tell exactly when they went out of fashion in Bulgaria. In the section on musical instruments we were informed that no traditional get together was complete without a set of bagpipes, which came as something of a surprise having assumed that these were the realm of the Scots - how many people could possibly have independently invented them? At least two it seems. To be honest I found the building itself more inspiring than the exhibits contained in it. Especially when we walked into one room to find that the reed handicrafts we were looking at were less on show and more just on sale.

With our last gasp of culture grasped Eleanor declared it cake o'clock and after checking his  metaphorical time piece Colin decided that synced exactly with his beer o'clock. On the main square a cake shop called Dreams had been teasing us with its selection and so we caved in and decided to sample their delights. Obviously this promoted some more book reading, an activity we took to the park for a while before heading over to the old faithful 'happy' restaurant where we knew we were assured to get vegetables - not always a given.