In terms of racking up the train points today was a poor show consisting of only train 22, however it did wonders for the untracked statistic of average journey length. The route was from Berlin all the way to Krakow in Poland, 10 glorious hours of choo choo fun. Worried about missing our train we got up early and hustled to the station, inevitably ages before it actually left in the end. We did our best to faff until we were late but to no avail so were waiting patiently on the platform hoping the electronic sign would switch to our train to confirm we were in the right place. We'd forgotten that we had paid extra for a seat in a cabin but were glad when we found we had all six seats to ourselves so spread out accordingly. In general we killed time as that is all there is to do. Staring out the window we noticed when we crossed the border as everything felt less affluent, houses looked more run down, platforms needed more work and no electronic signs helping the hapless traveller find the right train. We had packed a packed lunch but with yesterdays bread feeling more like cheap wood we were interested in any dining options available but nothing seemed obvious. The train did in fact stop for an extended break at one platform where some people got off and found food but by the time we realised that this might in fact be lunch we were worried about being left behind! Shortly afterwards a trolley came round and we at least got a round of hot drinks to keep us going.

Overall our cabin was spacious and comfy and the ten hours went by much faster than the equivalent flight would have so we arrived in Krakow relatively fresh and ready to wrestle with our map to find our hotel. This was actually just across the road from the station and after going through a very upmarket shopping mall to get there we found the right address, headed down the alley and were pleased to see reception lit up and waiting for us. We dropped the bags off and headed back into the mall for some quick and dirty food before retiring for the night.