Our last full day of work and there seemed to be plenty of forest left to go. This turned out to be something of an illusion as the undergrowth had thinned out considerably and so we make good progess. We finished before lunch time, which was something of a nice surprise. The chipping had fallen even further behind but with only a single chipper there was a limit to how fast it could be made to work! After lunch James and I had another job on our hands, dig some deep holes to put a tree trunk in which would serve as an Owl perch. Trying to dig a hole as deep as the spade was hard work towards the end and it soon degenerated into a hand job. No comments Rebecka. At least neither of us were particually worried about breaking any nails. With two posts up and two to do tomorrow the final bell called an end to the working day. For the evening, you guessed it, there was plenty of food and beer on the menu!. Tonight we drove to Ashby to sample the best pub we could find. Things didn't go exactly smoothly, firstly Arther dropped us off in the center with the loose plan meeting up sometime around 10.15pm in the high street somewhere, so we didn't really expect to ever find him again!! Choosing a pub with Carol's tastes in mind proved to be an uphill struggle in Ashby, obviously thursday is the night to go out on the beer around here. We almost went into one pub but as I went to step insdide I met Carol heading the other way twice as fast! Asking the bouncer if he knew if any of the other pubs were different to the one he was currently standing in front of wasn't all that successful and he relied, with the normal lack of humour bouncers are known throughout the world for, that he wasn't 'from round `ere'. Ho hum. A stroll up the high street locate da suitable establishment, which wasn't so much quiet as dead so we increased the numbers in the bar by about 1000%. We did find Arther in the end and spent a nice evening chatting the time away.