Having survived a busy week at the office, and the stag parties last weekend, it was finally time to think about heading off to Derby to join my chosen working holiday. Most of the morning was spent drying clothes on the radiators around the house but eventually I had amassed enough to see me through. For once the train to Derby was on time and so I arrived early for my 7.00pm pick up time so I headed off to the cafe for some over priced coffee and a ponder over what the week might bring. Simon called as I was watching the world going by, it seems that he is early as well and is waiting for me outside. Other than myself Paul was being picked up at the station, who seemed to have twice the kit I had packed, perhaps we were meant to bring the kitchen sink after all! Simon is the warden we'll be working for at the hall and he drove us to base camp at Calke Abbey. Simon seemed like a jovial fellow and at the very least didn't give the impression of being a fearsome taskmaster but time will tell!! At Calke Abbey we were dropped off at the stables, which have been converted to a base camp, the normal dorm rooms with large kitchen. Everyone else seemed to have beaten us there and I promptly forgot everyones name, must be the old age catching up! The rooms are pretty plush compared to the normal fare for these type of places so it might be a week of luxury after all. The first meal went in silence with the usual aquward feeling of a bunch of strangers sitting down together. The players in the show start with Arthur, the leader of the group and his assistant (sidekick?!) Peter, shown here with a natty pair of yellow gloves on. The rest of us are, in no order of preference, James, Rob, Carol, Sarah, Paul, Rebecka, Anna and Julia. All spellings are entirely my own work!