The mornings seem to be getting harder to handle with alarms going off at the definatly ungodly hour of 7am! The weather looked quite rough as well, high winds and more than the threat of rain but we plodded of to Kedleston all the same. Jay was overtaken by a large dose of English optimism and claimed that the rain would stop when we got on site, where as we were hoping for some work inside for the day!! Hindsight was on Jay's side however and the rain held off all morning. In the afternoon we were given a tour of the hall so that we at least we knew a bit about where we were working. The Derby screen, on which we were working, was put there to hide the outskirts of Derby creeping over the hill towards the hall, which is why they can't just cut it all down and start again, much to Simons dissappointment!! The main part of the hall hasn't ever been lived in and was rather just to show off the wealth of the family; consequently everything is in excellent condition. The buildings, furniture and some of the grounds was all designed by one chap, Adams, which gives it all a very coherent feel. The style is vaguely Greek/Italian in nature I think, with large columns, high arches, decorated ceilings and lots of symmetry. I liked the hall a lot but you'll have to go for yourself to decide if I'm wrong!! Having seen the hall we had some time to spare and went to Calke Abbey to compare. Here the rooms are very lived in and cosy, and so much more ragged. The weather seemed to be doing it's best to knock the Abbey off the map and I have no idea how the room stewards manage to stand there for hours and not freeze! Still it wasn't far for us to dash for home and the warm showers. Food and beer later and it was soon time for bed with the prospect of a day off tomorrow.