Only the morning to work today and it seemed that with the job done the motivation was ebbing, or was it just the beer the night before! The Owl perches went up quickly and we faffed until lunchtime and the working holiday basically came to a close. In the afternoon Simon took us for a stroll around the grounds, which was very informative. On the way we popped to the boat house which has a very ornate (for a boat house!) room up top for the ladies to fish from, and inderneath there was a plunge pool in case it was too warm (in England??!). A further bit of strolling seemed to wear most people out but we did get to try out the wilderness walk, not yet open to the public. All of which ou our effort into the perspective of the entire grounds and suddenly I was glad that the holiday was only a week long as it seemed that there was an enormous amount of work to be done!! Being the last night there wasn't much need ot head to bed at a reasonable time, not that most people had pain much attention to that concept the rest of the week!! The difference from the start of the week was striking, rather than an uncomfortable silence we had flowing banter and it was great to sit back and relax among friends. Who said that paying fifty quid wasn't worth it!! All too soon the evenig turned into the next morning and the last up to bed was about 2am, not bad after a week of work!