Writing this it occurs that you may not know what a working holiday actually is. Basically the National Trust have lots of things to get done but not always the basic manpower to get it all done in time for tea and so has come up with a frankly inspirational idea. The general public pay fifty quid and in return the National Trust let them work for them for a week, thus reducing the mountain of jobs that have to be done. Brilliant, a bit like cheap labour to an extreme!! Actually it's not as crazy as it might sound, the work isn't back breaking, the accomadation is basic but cosy, meals are provided and the social atmosphere is great. For more info on working holidays try this link. Now I'd like to claim that I went on this holiday with the National Trusts best interests at heart but if I am honest I wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for the fact that I have to complete a residential project for my Duke of Edinburgh award. So I find myself packing for an unknown week away with the familiar reservations of leaving home for the untried. I had picked to go to Kedleston hall and again I'd like to be able to say that I chose this holiday for my love of the site but being a broke student I picked the holiday that was on my door step!!