A lazy morning until 7am this morning. Not something I expect to write but that's the type of trip this was. This morning at breakfast the younger son was there alongside  his older sister and we were pleased to see the typical dynamic playing out - she stole his stuff, he cried to get the parents involved. For breakfast we had some very nice pancakes and afterwards headed outside for a series of photos with the family, a routine they seemed quite used to. Not surprising given how many home stays they have probably hosted. Our mama walked us down to the harbour to meet up with the other groups and waved us on our way.

The boat trip back was livened up by the offer of a quick dip in the water. Since it was so sunny and warm there were a few takers and predictably Russel and Carl were soon advocating that the only way to enter the water was hanging jumped from the top deck. Russel went first and told us the water wasn't so bad. Frankly, he lied. 4000M is no place to keep a heated lake and this one wasn't even trying. Having quickly had our fill of bracing water it was time to negotiate the tricky task of getting back on the boat without a ladder. Not something we had noticed prior to jumping in but we were offered a length of rope and a tyre hanging over the side - not so easy! We stopped off at a reed island near Puno on the way home for lunch in a reed hut. The water this close in was very polluted and those who ordered fish were gently mocked for the how much of that they were about to eat but I'm not convinced the chicken would be much better. In the end the food was all good and we were soon back on the mainland.

Eleanor and I took a stroll around town but felt sluggish due to the heat, although sadly as noted above  the water this close to Puno was very polluted so no chance for a dip to refresh ourselves. Russell and Carl went looking for someone to fix Russell's watch which had broken during the football match the day before. Having been directed to a jewellers that was miles away Russell tried a different tactic. Carl was surprise to see him hand over his genuine, very expensive, watch to one of the watch touts selling fakes on the side of the road knowing that at this altitude they probably wouldn't catch him if he set off at a quick jog. In the end he fixed the watch and Russell was pleased it not only cost much less than in the UK but also freed up some valuable drinking time.

For our evening meal we followed our guide into town who then failed to find her favorite restaurant so we fell back to what we thought looked best. After ordering it turned out that only a few of us had the fixed price sheet in our menu and the others had ordered more  expensive options, although it was clear that you got what you paid for. After food we split up, some people heading home and some coming to the local karaoke bar. Now I'm not that keen on singing as anyone who ever heard me butcher 'little donkey' as a small child will testify but this joint, with it's vomit stained toilets and smokey atmosphere, did little to endear itself to me. Jill confessed to being a member of a karaoke bar in Bristol and assured us that our current location was conforming to the norm as far as she was concerned. When we arrived some locals were putting on a musically poor show but we soon upstaged them  and went one worse. Our low light was probably mama mia which in fact could be heard by those back at the hotel. I apologise unreservedly.