An early start to the day to squeeze in a walk around North Seymour island before leaving for the plane. We were a bit sleepy but the walk was well worth it with an abundance of frigate birds with inflated necks, blue footed boobies and orange iguanas. All let us come very close and some blue footed boobies even danced through our group, much to our amusement. On the beach we saw our last sea lion and cub doing the by now familiar poses for the camera. It was a lovely walk to end the trip on but eventually we had to get back to the boat for breakfast and packing.

A short motor and we were disembarking for the airport. I was amused by the fact that we had to wear life jackets only because we were in sight of officials, we hadn't seen these during the trip! 'El Capitan' shook our hands and sent us on our way as he took his boat for the next lap of the islands and judging by the timing without a break to recuperate. At the airport it was very hot and with little to do the handful of shops received some attention but soon enough we were in the air and heading back to Quito.

Back at Quito we spotted the same guide who had sent us the other way only a few days ago waving us onto a bus. Grabbing our bags we dashed on assuming that everyone would be on the same trip but were sad to find out that the Danish family weren't there and had other travel arrangement and we had missed our chance to say goodbye. We didn't stay long at the hotel and were soon heading out for some 2 4 1 cocktails in a busy square. Karen had an initial meeting for the next leg of the tour she was on so popped back to the hotel but came back saying all she had found was a note saying the guide couldn't make it - poor show Gecko's! Pat and David went for a stroll before meeting us later for food and had the fortune to bump into the danish family so hopefully our goodbyes were conveyed after all. We moved from the cocktail bar to a nice Mexican restaurant, which luckily also sold jugs of Pina Colda, for lots of food and talk of next destinations. sad to see this section of our trip come to a close we headed back to the hotel hoping that the next section would live up to the high standard set on this holiday so far.