Today was mainly a relocation day so a basic flat 88km but a minor nagging head wind made it feel a bit further. Still we were up and out quite quickly and pedaling into grey skies.Our first stop was at a garage where we grabbed a bite to eat. Just as we were leaving an English couple arrived coming the other way so we stopped to swap tails of the trails we were heading for respectively. Now I've been taught that staring is rude but I couldn't drag my eyes from a pair of legs. I'm presuming that it is much to the lasses constant annoyance that it wasn't hers but his. He sported possibly the largest set of quads I've ever seen and the next couple of hours were spent guessing what sort of sport builds up legs so selectively.

Most of the ride was simple head down and pedal stuff but Steve seemed to first have trouble with a herd of horses crossing just in front of him and then with biking past possibly the best piece of treasure ever.By the side of the road was an abandoned overland camper with the keys still in the ignition but mostly it had been cleared out. Once we had arrived in Borgarnes we found the campsite was not ideal as it was right next to the main road. While we were debating staying here or heading on 15km the guide book reminded us of it's promise of a hot pool and a Philippine restaurant to try - decision made!

Before heading into town we grabbed a snooze in the sunshine and had some entertainment laid on. Some guys were trimming the hedges by the side of the road and one of their friends turned up in a Kev'ed up car which he tried to hand brake turn in the car park just in front of us.This would have been a classy maneuver except he dropped a wheel over the edge and wasn't far from dropping the car into the sea. While trying not to obviously break down with laughter, they had a lot of power tools after all, we all had a good giggle. Eventually the car was recovered, missing the bumper which had caught over the lip.This aside we headed for the hot pools which also had some slides, much to Hugh's amusement. After the pools and the steam room we played basketball in the indoor pool. All of this with the backdrop of some very serious swimmers training in a large outdoor pool who must have wanted to just splash around and join in the fun rather than sprint up and down their lanes.All these antics left us very clean and we strolled back to the campsite to look for the sign to the restaurant only to find it was in fact located back in town where we had just come from. The food was very good although I think that we ordered more than most people, after one course the owner offered us dessert or coffee and we had to explain we were waiting for our main course! We were very full by the time we walked back to thecampsite but once there we noted that our French friend had clawed back his 6 hours disadvantage and was setting up his tent in his usual meticulous style of someone who has spent many days on the road.