Today we had a fixed aim in mind, we were determined to be on the afternoon ferry just the far side of a huge lump of rock. First we biked around the fjord to an impressive waterfalland Steve was obviously more relaxed about the time pressure than Hugh who was dismayed to see Steve setting out lunch after only 55 minutes biking! We met our French friend briefly buthe soon peddled off while we were refueling. With the waterfall in the background we decided that perhaps we had best get going up the hill, a prospect that excited no one except perhaps Hugh.

The trudge uphill was long and hard, made more dreary by the rain that started to come down in abundance. In a patch of dry conditions we passed the French guy having a typically French extravagant picnic with a bit of wine.That said he caught us up as we finally reached the top of the climb and for a guy without a helmet had a casual disregard for safety on the way down. While he was happy to weave in and out of our slip streams we were struggling to keep up and only Steve whoput the hammer down kept up. Down at the bottom we continued round the coastal road past an open cafe to the ferry port only to find that the cafe there was shut. With no one in sight we wondered down to the harbour and sat down to cook up a brew and have a well deserved nibble. Closer to the departure timethings livened up a bit and we grabbed a ticket and boarded. With only a snack inside us we made a beeline for the restaurant and ordered a round of burgers and chips, which Duncan did his best to save us from by leaving our ticket at the desk.

The only mid-point stop for the ferry was a tiny island which only has about 30 people on it. Slow pace of life doesn't even begin to describe it. While viewing the entire extentof their existence and feeling relieved we hadn't elected to stop overnight here the fog horn just behind us gave a blast which almost made this our final resting place. We noted that our French friend got off and you might ungenerouslythink that being the competitive people we are we immediately shared the thought that this would give us a 6 hour head start in the morning. You would of course be right. A while later we landed in Stykkisholmur and headed over to the campsite for more food and some entertainingoutdoor shower cubicles.