We'll never be accused of over preparation but this was the closest exception we have ever had. With three weeks to go flights had been booked, a route tentatively planned out and group kit assigned. The origins of the trip can be traced back to Andy's enforced two week break from work at the start of August due to his industry in effect shutting down for the fortnight. With memories of biking in Tibet fading some new adventures were proposed. The front runner appeared to be Alaska but some research showed that firstly it is a big place, secondly it is a long way away and finally that no one had more than two weeks of holiday to spare. A killer combination to that plan. Andy suggested Iceland as the perfect compromise. Smaller than Alaska, but with equal interest. Closer than Alaska, only a few hours of flight and a single hours time difference with routes possible in two weeks. So in summary Andy set the dates of our trip, the location of our trip and even had a hand in planning the routes to take. It will come as something of a surprise to the reader that at the last moment Andy announced he had booked his flights: to, you guessed it, Norway instead. Mind you he had waited until we had booked our flights to Iceland so we couldn't join him at the last minute.