Today we had decided to go for a big day walk from Zermatt up the Mettelhorn. Not quite the Matterhorn but achievable in a day. It was a long walk in up the valley and past some spectacular climbing. We went past a hut and such was our worry about bad weather in the afternoon we didn't even stop for a coke but kept up a healthy pace. Several hours later we were approaching the final push to the top and somehow got distracted by a smaller peak which we found ourselves at the top of before realising it wasn't in fact where we wanted to be. A little down climb and then a traverse round put up back on the right track before we scrambled up to the top of the right peak. We were beginning to value any down time we could get our hands on and Steve and Andy sneaked in a quite snooze, despite not having the room to sneeze let along roll over. With the peak bagged and the weather holding we thought it best not to push our luck too far and headed for home, stopping for another rosti, eggs and bacon at the hut on the way down. This turned out to be the best yet but that might be more of an indication of our bodies increasing need for protein. A second nap was discussed but we decided to suck it up and plod down for home instead for an evening of eating and planning our final day out.