The draw back of dorm rooms was hammered home to us when a German lady started chatting at 6.15am and then turned on the lights at 6.30am. We were not amused. This made for a sleepy start to the day but we eventually got our act together and hired some mountain scooters for a fun day out. These are strong scooters with quad bike tyres and disc brakes. In fact out all these features it was the brakes that caused the most trouble. Having got a lift up we started to race down and on the second corner Duncan grabbed a handful of front brake which is simply not the done thing for a good reason. Duncan soon bounced leaving a small patch of his rump on the floor. Overcome with a little shyness we took Duncan round the back of a burnt out digger to patch him up, I'll refrain from posting the video we have of this event (mines a pint of bitter thanks Duncan). Suffice to say he was soon back on the bitch that had bucked him and we continued down. On our second run down we found a small path which was obviously not designed with scooters in mind and presented something of a challenge. By this point Duncan wasn't exactly loving his day out, she just wasn't settling down and kept promising to slap him at any moment. On a particularly steep slope he summed this up with 'if they didn't have my credit card I'd throw this fucking thing down there'. Despite, and a more cynical person might say because of, this good fun was had by most and a feeling of being slightly naughty was irresistible when we were swooping past walkers on the lower slopes who could only tut and shake their heads before we left them in a cloud of dust.


With the days activity behind us we scrubbed ourselves up as best we could and searched for meat. Steve, Duncan and I headed to a restaurant to try and get some protein down us and met up with Andy and Cliona, who were presumably doing the same, later for some beer to wash it down. Trying my best to endear Cliona to our group I knocked a bottle of beer into her lap while trying to accompany a story with appropriate wild gestures. At this point we moved on downstairs in search of some music. While getting the beer levels topped up prior to dancing we found what seemed to be a chin up ledge which we couldn't ignore, what dented our testosterone levels a little was that Cliona easily matched our best efforts and more. With this aside we took over the dance floor with some typically dangerous dancing led by Steve, much to the annoyance of some locals. One started to have a go at Duncan who was in no mood for this sort of behavior just stared him down until he wondered off. Once our dancing appetite was sated we went our separate ways and headed off back to our respective rooms, with Steve, Duncan and I at least hoping for a bit more sleep than the night before.