Today was a simple day, walk up the length of a glacier and then climb up and over a ridge to get in view of a hut perched on the end of an outcrop of rock. With this in mind we weren't too upset to hear that breakfast didn't even start until 5am, the perfect excuse for a lay in! After yesterdays exertions it was a sluggish start but the glacier was mostly dry so there was no need for ropes so we cracked on at our own pace overtaking several groups on the way up. The navigation as we reached the top was made easier by the number of people heading the same way and despite a few sections of unstable snow we reached the ridge and followed the ploughed path with ease. The hut was striking in its location and once inside also in its facilities. Obviously newly built we took advantage of the seating area with a magnificent view and settled down for a game of monopoly. For those that know us well it will come as no surprise to find that Steve won, despite looking out of the game at one point! The rest of the afternoon was taken up with power naps and cups of tea until it was time for food. We were sat with a group of guys from England with their guide. They were an odd bunch from the start, first the guide walked up to the table and proclaimed that we were sat in 'his' seat because he had sat there earlier that day and insisted we all move to accommodate him. Trying to break the ice Steve asked if they were all from the same area of England, 'No' was the reply and after an agonising pause Steve prompted them 'so where are you all from?'. It was a hard conversation and I think we were all glad that food came to distract us.