`Fancy a swim??' -Colin
`Billy b*ll*cks' -Timmey
`No I really have got England underwear on, I'll show you to prove it' Again. -Cerys
`That forest shouldn't be there' -Timmey
`How about a mexican wave to let them know we're alright??' -Colin
`Who would like some think chocolate sauce with the crepes' -Cerys
`Opps, I may have put a bit too much water in' -Cerys
`I can't be bothered to get changed in my bag Cerys, can you just look the other way??' -Angela
`Bugger' -Timmey at 6.30am day four
`I can't believe you've kept the tone of the conversation so low for two whole days!' -Cerys


Song sheet:

There was a.......
and a Chimpanzee
a silver Fish
and an Eagle flying.
a Beaver!
a Bunny!
and a crazy Elephant
na na na nan nan na.