Having finished we were taken to the campsite where we set the tents up and then rushed down to a the coast where Jeff and Sally had built an amazing bonfire and the BBQ was already producing food so we sat down and were given food and beer there and then, heaven. The aches and pains of the last few days started to drift away as we got drunk pretty fast. We all exchanged stories about what we had been up to over the last few days. I have to say that having the evening to relax was possibly the best way to end the expedition and I'll remember sitting round the camp fire raising a glass or two to Tam Egg for many years to come. Being the last trip of the year this was also my last evening as president of the club and as such we had some hoodies to give to Jon, Helen and Aidi by way of thanks for there help over the year, with the appropriate nick names on them of course!

I should like to thank all those who put the effort into making the trip actually happen as quite a few people helped organise it, but most of all I'd like to thank Team Egg for being splendidly high spirited in the face of adversity and not moaning when the going got tough. Cheers.