The last day of the holiday and it was time to leave our headhunters to what they do best - getting on with a tough ilfe. On the way out all the familes came out and there wre many many handshakes to go round. After which we boated up and headed back down the river again. We knew that we would have the same van drivers as the way out so Eleanor and I were dissapointed ot be on the slow boat leaving only the option of the female driver who had nearly crashed on the way out. Siam bravely sat in the front seat, calmly neglecting his seat belt, although this may have been a ploy to inspire confidence in the rest of us. WIth only a few sudden jerks of the wheel to aviod oncoming traffic we made it back to Kuching.

In Kuching we wondered around picking up presents and trying to buy postcards and stamps. The first was a simple affair but the latter proved tricky. The postoffice had a huge queue coming out the door so we left that along only to find that no one else sells stamps. After much hunting we came across the inspried idea of asking at the stamp collecting shop and they came through with just what we needed. By this time the postoffice had shut and this in the only place to send post so we had to entrust out postcards to Wes to send after we had left (report: he came good - postcards did indeed make it home). I tried to find a proper blow pipe but it seems that traditional handicraft had largely been overtaken by practicality and they all seemed to be two piece screw together affairs which didn't quite have the right feel.

In the evening we all went out for one last meal at a well chosen resturant near the hotel - the food was excellent. TJ gave us all a place mat from Australia (bizzare!) and showed us a good trick with a wine bottle and a cork. For 10 dollars I'll show it to you too :-). Afterwards we went to find a club and suceeded where no one else had - it was empty apart from us. One game of pool later and weheaded over to a little bar run by an Irish chap for a few drinks.

All that remained at the end of the day was a round of goodbyes and bed. In the morning we had just enough time to head out for breakfast with a diminishing group before taking our turn to kump in a taxis and head for the airport to say goodbye to Malaysia - for now at least.