Today we were off paintballing at the local jungle. Getting up in time to leave at midday was quite a challenge but another round of bacon sandwiches seemed to help everyone on their way. I'd never paintballed before and it turned out to be good fun. Not as exciting as the karting, although this may be due to the after effects of the beer. What I didn't know was that paintballs actually hurt when they hit you, enough to grab your attention and leave a burning desire not to be hit again. We played five or so games against some random opponents who didn't seem much better than us but kept winning all the time!! Colin got to wear a reflective jacket just to make sure we all knew where to aim!! The games generally revolved around getting a flag and putting it in the opponents base to win but generally the team with anyone left tended to win be default. The last game was a bit more interesting as we didn't `die' when hit but just carried on until all the balls were gone. Again the aim was to get a flag in the middle of the area and when the game started Col's bro casually strolled over to the flag, being hit by about 100 balls a second, and strolls back with it. The bruises all over were testiment to the muzzle velocity of the paintballs, which bring me round to the most entertaining episode of the afternoon. The people we were playing with had a birthday boy among them and at the end of the game he came strolling off towards where we were gathered. One of his so called mates waits until he is within a few metres, raises his gun and fires. Obviously the chap didn't think he had any balls left but sadly this wasn't the case. I have to say that being shot in the privates by a paintball travelling at 160mph really did look as pain as it sounds and we left him to lay there is agony. With friends like that!!

Back at Nottingham it was time for everyone to grab their stuff and move back to their daily lives. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves but the main thing is I'm sure Colin did.