Friday night was just a starting point really, Colin came up from the land of Brum, his brother Andy turned up as did Steve 'Chipper' Wyatt; later on Marky turned up having had a couple of beers in London to warm up for the weekend. Since everyone arrived quite late we headed down to the Victoria, close to home where we would all be sleeping. A couple of pints later and it soon became clear that Steve wasn't at all happy with the 'couple of quiet pints and off to bed' plan that had been voiced, mainly because he would have to leave the following day and would miss the main evening out. Thus we were persuaded, fairly easily I might add, to head into town; where else could we go but the Irish (or the `rish as it is affectionately known). For those who haven't had the pleasure of this club let me try and do it justice; picture a village hall converted for a teenage disco, with a bar out the back and you wont be far off the truth. The music is as cheesy as three month old Camembert but we love it. Beers were drunk at speed, we were playing catch up. Andy turned on the his smooth function and persuaded a couple of lasses to pose with Colin for a quick photo and then proceeded to grab one himself (photo that is!). As ever there was a wide range of women around and a cluster of lasses had caught our eye, that is until the quiet one at the back turned to her friend and was violently ill. Andy still managed to wonder over and chat to the prettiest, having only moments earlier persuaded another lass to flash Colin her stockings. Rarely have I seen a man so smooth working so hard to embarrass his brother! Some group shots later, and a lot of manic dancing and it was time to go home. I'd like to say that I got home and drank lots of water to recover from the beer but sadly I neglected this duty and paid dearly in the morning.