We had arranged to meet at 11am for breakfast, which had to be put back a little as Andy and I were woken up by Simon calling us at 11.30am. The lie in must have done us some good because we only felt terrible rather than terminal as expected. The target venue for the afternoon was Green park and a certain empty patch of grass next to a 'No ball games' sign which was perfect for our game of cricket. Displaying a distinct lack of skill at first we struck up an entertaining game. Entertaining particularly for those American tourists who had not seen much cricket before and insisted on taking pictures/videoing us. Shame they picked such a poor display really. The sun shined, the cricket flowed and the alcohol definitely sweated out. When we had worn ourselves out we thought that kicking a football around might be an easy warm down to the whole affair, and while it was certainly easier our game of keepy-ups did look a bit ragged at times. We turned down the offer of a game from a bunch of obviously more energetic, and probably better, lads. Just before leaving we did see the tour of Britain race down the side of Buckingham palace, making us feel very lazy.

We lost a couple more on the way home and it was left to Simon (K), Darren, Jon, myself and obviously Andy to play a few card games in the quiet coach on the way home. Snap was out then. Needless to say we were still working on the endless supply of orange juice. Back at home base (for me anyway) photo's were exchanged, tea drunk and eventually we had to call time on the weekend and let everyone head for home. Waving Andy off with the final 'best mans salute' I thought I detected a hint of relief on his face but judging by the smile some amusement as well.