The players:

'Late boy' Antony
'Working class wide boy' Simon (B)
'Best man' Bolton
'Soon to be stagged boy' Andy
'Ring boy' Jon
'Striker boy' Darren
'Exocet boy' Nigel
'Light boy' Stewart
'Dapper boy' Pete
'Missing boy' Julian
'Snoring boy' Simon (K)

Even Andy admits that his choice of best man might be considered a little risky, a reputation I am keen to uphold. The first duty of the best man is to organise the stag weekend of course. I had heard rumors from the hen night that the lesser halves had been muttering that we were in for a wash out of a weekend due to a lack of plans. Lack of plans?? I had plenty of plans, it was time I was short of, so much to do and only one weekend to squeeze it into (stag week anyone?). After mulling over several broad options for the weekend, ranging from abusing Andy in his own home to flying to a lesser known corner of Europe, we decided that a trip to London would be a good compromise. With the location set I racked my brains for some of the novelty ideas which make a weekend a little more memorable. The last minute planning involved several two hour lunches and it remains to be seen if this will cost me my job, but at last I felt we were in a 'game on' position. I hadn't met some of those invited and it crossed my mind to worry whether they would be up to standard as 'stag nighters', it turns out that I needn't have lost any sleep. With novelties in place, maps printed out (much good it would do us......) and the first arrival knocking on my door it's time to get on with the story.